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Our facility

State-of-the-art equipment

The cannabis market in the next ten years will be evolving at a very fast pace. At Pharmaflorx, we believe that in a market that leans towards fixed prices, production costs are the key to a profitable business. Therefore we invested a lot of capital into building the most energy and labor efficient facility. Our facility is a multi-level state-of-the-art operation. With 22 independant grow rooms, vertical growing and a full LED lighting system, we want to achieve the most productive facility in the business in grams per square foot. We use some of the latest technology in active soil and nutrient packed medium in order to cut on labor and have a fast turnover rate of quality product. Our 2 story facility gives us the opportunity to produce 4 levels of vertically grown product and maximize our 8 acre lot for future expansion.

The Pharmaflorx difference

LED lighting

  • 70% less energy than HPS means cheaper electricity costs
  • Fully adjustable spectrum to the plants needs means bigger yields and better control over final product
  • Near zero heat signature means cheaper operating costs 

Active soil technology

  • Higher soil nutrients retention levels means cheaper nutrients costs 
  • The medium is pre-packed with nutrients for the basic needs of the plants therefore less ajustments and less labor costs related to nutrients and irrigation

Vertical grow facility

  • Because of the advantages of LED lighting, we are able to use fully automated vertical grow racks to double our yields per grwo room
  • Our 2 story facility produces 4 levels of plants, therefore multiplying by 4 the number of grams per square foot on our 8 acre land, making it one of the most efficient facility 

Our mission

A company that gives back

At Pharmaflorx, we believe that it is important for a company to give back. We strive to produce quality products that our patients will benefit from at competitive prices. We already invested to build a 5000 square foot laboratory, where we will undergo reasearch and development of new products. We also invested in extraction equipments because we believe that cannabis can be transformed in multiple ways that will suit better medical and recreative users. 

We also believe that it is important to give back to the community. Not only will Pharmaflorx employ around 60 local employees, we want our employees to be proud to be part of the family. That being said, we will find ways to invest into the community, wether it is thru charity or events. 

Last but not least, we are proud at Pharmaflorx to build a facility as green as possible. Our LED lighting uses 70% less energy than regular HPS lighting. Our pre-packed medium lets us cut down the use of liquid nutrients by more than 20%. Most of our used soil will be recycled and sent for compost use. Our active soil becomes a substainable solution with results as good as hydroponic culture without the important water use.

Our Team

Board of directors

Our board and team consists of people from different backgrounds. From agronomy to retired CFO's and plant managers we are a big team that is always opened to new members. 


We worked with a lot of experts over the last 4 years in order to make this facility the best possible. We worked with the Trichrome consulting group (TCSI) and with David Hyde consulting firm. Over the past 5 years, this firm has provided security consulting  services to over 250 MMPR/ACMPR license applicants across Canada and  worked with 47 of the 91 Licensed Producer sites. This firm attended as well  22 Pre-license Inspections with Health Canada.


Our team of growers have more than 25 years of experience. Whether it is under the old regulations or in the USA, their expertise was really important when desiging the facility and understand product flow. Their main prioirity is to produce a quality product under the ACMPR regulations and maximize the yields while minimzing the costs.


Invest in a state-of-the-art facility :

Investors package

Feel free to contact us thru this form if you would like to receive our investors package containing information on the facility, costs of operations and production capability and projections.


Gatineau, QC, Canada